ThaMa-Vet Syringe Maintenance Guidelines


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ThaMa-Vet Maintenance Guidelines

Dear ThaMa-Vet community,

We at ThaMa-Vet take a lot of pride in the design and development of each syringe product. We are particularly proud of our lifetime endurance reputation earned by our syringe’s quality assurance. To ensure that each and every one of you truly enjoys the durability and ease-of-use of each syringe, we recommend adhering to these basic easy-to-follow maintenance notes.

  • Please make sure the syringe is cleaned properly after each session
  • To guarantee ongoing repeat use we recommend placing a drop of oil in the cylinder after every session
  • Parts include handles (made from a special material that can go up to 125°C) that can be sterilized up to 121°C
  • Comes with easy to follow graphic guidelines on “How to change the piston”

Thank you,

The ThaMa-Vet team