Automatic Turkey Syringe with Fixed Dosage
First all-metal syringe for Turkey birds breeding

ThaMa-Vet Veterinary Syringe Turkey 262
Turkey syringe 262

ThaMa-Vet extended the all-metal fixed dosage range with a new veterinary syringe to meet the needs of the Turkey breeding community. The self-filling syringe meets a growing demand for a durable high-quality system with precise dosage for each Turkey inoculation. Featuring several pistons and a comfortable handle, the syringe has been ergonomically designed for easy and safe mass injection without the need to pause production.

The new Turkey syringe replaces plastic-based syringe systems with an industry-first metal-based injector that delivers Turkey vaccines reliably. The all-metal properties ensure that vaccinations can be performed without risk of breakage and chemical interactions associated with plastic syringes.

ThaMa automatic Turkey syringes are available for orders. For direct purchase email us now